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Helpful Links


The ReachOut Community is a supportive, safe and anonymous space. Hear from others about what has helped them and share what you’re going through. Visit the Reachout website here.



Learn about mental health challenges and ways to maintain a healthy headspace. Visit the Headspace website here.


Generation Next provides education and information about the prevention and management of mental illness in youth to professionals, young people and the wider community.  Visit the Generation Next website here.

latest posts

4 Myths About Teenagers

4 Myths About Teenagers

“Raging hormones’ make adolescents moody. It’s more about the activation of the emotional brain (the limbic system) that determines mood and emotional intensity. Teenagers aren’t interested in their...

Breaking the Worry Cycle

Breaking the Worry Cycle

Teenagers have a lot to worry about during this phase of life and they are more prone to it due to their developmental changes, particularly in the brain. We are only ever as happy as our unhappiest...



As we come into another school holiday, arguments about ‘getting outside’ or ‘doing something useful’ will bounce around the walls of homes of teenagers everywhere. The joy of ‘school’s out!’ can...

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