WE’Re REdefining adolescence… HELPing YOU NAVIGATE THE WONDER YEARS.

Adolescence is a fun and fabulous time to parent!

It’s a little different to parenting younger children. Sure, there’s some fundamentals that remain true, but it does help to refresh the page a little bit!  

We deliver Seminars, Webinars and an online course that help you understand the WHY (the root cause) of teenage behaviour as well as empowering you with the HOW (what do I do?). When we KNOW MORE, we can DO BETTER.

We want peaceful parents and happy homes. Our engaging and interactive lessons are designed to make the learning last. Maximising the uniqueness of adolescence to pave the way into successful adulthood.

OUR Vision

A world where adolescence is celebrated


Passion mixed with compassion and creativity


Parenting your adolescent with clarity and confidence so you can truly make these years the best of your life!

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Erin Mitchell CEO and Founder of TeenSeen

Meet our founder

Hi, I’m Erin Mitchell.

I’m an Adolescent Counsellor, Parent Coach and Founder of TeenSeen. I help parents of adolescents flip the script on the teenage years and transform their parenting in big and small ways, depending on where they’re at on their journey.

From my years as a therapist, I have worked with countless families with adolescents, helping them discover how to parent without struggles and bring harmony to their homes.  I LOVE helping families.

My one-on-one work with clients gave me a unique understanding of the dynamics of families with adolescent children. I knew exactly where the gaps were and knew how to help families re-join the dots.

From one-on-one to one-to-many. TeenSeen was born. A dire need to redefine this period of one to survive to one to THRIVE. We help you make the most of these years so your children can become outstanding adults and your bonds with your children last a lifetime.