our programs

TeenSeen offers a range of programs that are redefining adolescence.

Our aim is to change ‘social norms’ around the way people view adolescence by providing much-needed guidance and support during with this crazy, wondrous time of life

who are our programs for?

We work with parents, schools and businesses to make the most of the adolescent experience. We do this with good old-fashioned knowledge, delivered through educational presentations and online programs that;

  • PCoach parents, teachers and carers what’s really behind teenage behaviour. The WHY
  • PTeach techniques, tips and practical strategies for best helping our young people transition into adulthood. The HOW
  • PHelp teenagers to understand themselves.

what do our programs cover?

The content is engaging, interactive and designed to make the learning outlast the lessons.

  • The Essence of Adolescence
  • The Adolescent Brain and its Development
  • Peer Pressure
  • Hormones (It’s Not What You Think)
  • Risk taking
  • Independence and individuation
  • Drugs
  • The Importance of Sleep

And finally, SOLUTIONS…

In the form of practical strategies to better manage and improve relationships with adolescents.


Adolescents are adults with L plates.

They are becoming more and more independent, but they need the love and guidance of their parents and carers more than ever. The way you choose to see their world will create the world you see.

It’s never too late to adjust your lens.

Our programs will give you the tools and knowledge to show you how.

teenagers at school TeenSeen school program


TeenSeen Schools Programs are for parents and teachers to get a better grip on the normal, natural and necessary (yes, necessary) behaviours that typically mark the period of adolescence.

Our programs can be targeted to either a full school community, or teacher professional development, and explain the confluence of many factors that can, but don’t have to, make it hard for teens and their carers.

business owner and teen TeenSeen Business Program


 As a business, you care about your employees. You care about their work/life balance. The more successful and content they are at home, the more productive they’ll be at work.

But the truth is you can’t manage their home life. Things happen that are beyond your control. But maybe there is a way to facilitate things and take an active leadership role in educating them about what they may be going through.

Mum and teen girl TeenSeen Parenting Program


Let’s hear it for all the parents! You have survived what by far is the toughest job in the world.

Adolescence is all about leaving the family nest. What’s really happening is your child is learning to become brave and adaptable enough to live a life…without you. So, the challenge for parents is how to stay connected whilst letting go.

Our online program is for parents to better understand the WHY behind teenage behaviour then giving the HOW they can be at their best.

Frequently Asked Questions – General

What sort of experience do the presenters have?


Meet them here.

I think I’d like my school, church, workplace to get onto this. Is that possible?

Sure thing. We’d love that! Fill out the Contact Form and someone from our team will call you within 24 hours.

If TeenSeen had a Superpower what would it be?

Omniscience; the capacity to know everything. OK, not really. not at all. But we do know a lot about adolescence. Does that count?