4 Myths About Teenagers

For Parents

“Raging hormones’ make adolescents moody.

It’s more about the activation of the emotional brain (the limbic system) that determines mood and emotional intensity.

Teenagers aren’t interested in their parents anymore.

Not so. They love and need you like they always have, but they need to find their tribe. The strong desire to be with their peers is a developmental requirement.

Teenagers can get by on less sleep.

Ah no. Quite the opposite. Their brains are going through a massive period of remodelling, they need rest. 8-10 hours is the magic number.

Teenagers are lazy.

Not necessarily. Their brains are undergoing huge changes which involves a bit of restructuring…which means it doesn’t yet work like an adult brain. They are also trying to do things for themselves that adults have previously done so the ‘sluggishness’ might actually be them trying to figure it all out.

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