TeenSeen’s online course for parents is yOUR guide to enjoying the wonder years.

Let’s hear it for all the parents! 

Parenting is the toughest gig in the world!

You’re tired, stressed out? Feel like you’re winging it sometimes with your teenagers?! Losing your connection with them?  Is family life getting out of control?

In the Redefining Adolescence online course, you will learn:

  • What NOT to say to teenagers
  • HOW to create lasting bonds with your children
  • WHY they do what they do
  • WHAT they want from you
  • HOW to maintain influence

PLUS, as part of the course, you will also receive one live parent coaching session.

Ready to get started?


Stop guessing,

start understanding!

In this online course, we dive deep into the explanations for teenage behaviour so you can REALLY get on their team!

We show you what’s REALLY going on for them and how you can make sure you are leading your family where you REALLY want it to go.

Frequently Asked Questions – For Parents

What’s in it for me?

Lots. You get videos chock-full of valuable information delivered by experts in adolescent development. You also get parenting guides and worksheets all easy to read and digest. These include the most effective parenting strategies for raising adolescents.  You have permanent access to the course, that is you own it (vs yearly membership) so you are free to review, revisit, and reengage when it works for you!

I’ve read lots of books on raising teenagers, I even listen to podcasts. Do I really need this?

Awesome that you’re so committed to being a brilliant parent. TeenSeen’s message is simple; to change the way you think about adolescence. We haven’t reinvented the wheel here; we’re just changing the way you see it and giving you better ways to use it.

I think I’d like my school, church, workplace to get onto this. Is that possible?

Sure thing. We’d love that! An enquiry form is right here, someone from our team will call you within 24 hours of pressing send.

Can I do this course in my pyjamas?

Absolutely. With a glass of wine. And a Tim Tam. You can start and stop any of these classes anytime,  work through it on your own schedule.

Adolescence is an emotional time.

Did you know that’s it not all about the hormones? Nope, there’s much more to it. They are using the emotional part of their brain way more than their thinking part of the brain. So, they’re often feeling more than they’re thinking. (I know you know what I mean!!)

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