We help teens, parents, schools and businesses realise the wonder of Adolescence.

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Adolescence is a unique and inspiring time in a person’s life.

It should be used to pave the way into successful adulthood. We exist because too many families endure the teenage years. We want to flip this script. We want everyone to enjoy these years.

TeenSeen is an organisation dedicated to helping teenagers and their families ENJOY ADOLESCENCE, Seminars, Webinars and an Online Digital Course to guide and support you.

Parenting adolescents can be hard work. It can be stressful, chaotic and confusing.

When we lose our cool, when we lose our confidence and when we have no idea what to do, frankly it’s a bit frightening.

But what if you were an empowered parent? What if you knew exactly how to parent with confidence? What would it feel like to have a calm home and that ‘happy family’ was YOUR family? Not Brady Bunch style just real, authentic, connected relationships and a prevailing stability in your lives.

Adolescence has a shelf life; we only get one shot at parenting this age.

We want unbreakable relationships with our children NOW so they last a lifetime. We want well-adjusted children NOW, so they can transition successfully into adulthood. And we as parents can be free of worry and enjoy all aspects of our lives.

It’s easier to build strong children than repair broken people, and families.

You’re not broken, and neither is your family. But we all need support.

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Erin Mitchell CEO and Founder of TeenSeen

Hey, I’m Erin.

Adolescent Counsellor, Parent Coach and Founder of TeenSeen. I help parents of adolescents flip the script on the teenage years and transform their parenting in big and small ways, depending on where they’re at on their journey.

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When we know more, we can do better.
Our vision is to educate the world about the wonder of adolescence.


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