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TeenSeen School programs help parents and teachers  UNDERSTAND ADOLESCENCE, so everybody wins.

Hey teachers…

Are you LOOKING FOR REAL, impactful CHANGE?

  • Is there disconnection between teens and their parents that puts families into overdrive?
  • Are you seeing risk taking behaviour resulting in real challenges for schools and parents?
  • How are motivation levels amongst your students? Are they feeling listless or a sense of hopelessness?
  • What about peer pressure leading to poor choices?

You can help your school community by helping the parents. TeenSeen programs will help your community understand the true drivers of these behaviours, and discover the practical solutions for what to do next.

The struggle is real… but so are the solutions.


Adolescent life does not begin and end at home – there’s a lot of “school” in between there. And, even though they might spend a lot of time complaining about it, school is very important!

Schools – and teachers – don’t have to be labelled the villain in a teens life. Instead, what if you were an important ally in their growth and development? What if we could flip the script on how teens see and engage with school?

Our TeenSeen presentations deliver 90-minutes of practical techniques to foster relationships, that ultimately lead teens to success in and out of school.

What will I learn from TeenSeen for Schools?

Help your teachers and your parent community in our 90-minute keynote presentations.

Schools do more than just educating kids – like that’s not a big enough job! They serve their community and when their community thrives, they do too. Our keynote presentations, presented either in-person or via webinar, help parents navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood, turning ‘survive’ into ‘thrive’.

Our trained and expert presenters deliver 90-minute presentations teaching parents the science behind adolescence, and simple solutions to doing the best they can. We also offer presentations made specifically for teachers, focusing on practical techniques to foster relationships with their students… ultimately leading them to success in and out of school.

What’s the point?

Exploring the essence of adolescence and its vital role in the course of a lifetime.

The Adolescent Brain

The massive remodelling taking place up there!

Peer Pressure

Understanding the need to connect to their tribe


It’s not what you think!

Risk taking

It’s an important developmental stage. Yes, really.

Independence and individuation

Understanding the key factor in transitioning to adulthood


REALLY getting behind WHY emotions are so intense and so volatile


The HOW. What you can do to make this a fabulous time of life. For everyone.


We are currently taking expressions of interest for our TeenSeen School Programs. Please register your interest below and we will be in touch shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions – For Schools

How many people should attend a presentation?

As many as possible. We want your school community to thrive. We send you a simple blurb to ‘copy & paste’ for your teachers’ communication channel.

Is it better suited to certain teachers?
It’s for every teacher of an adolescent. It’s not just students and their parents that need support in understanding these years. For many teachers the day-to-day effects of coping with student relationships and managing classroom dynamics can be demanding and, at times, painful.
We want to help create a workplace where teachers and staff feel supported, empowered and equipped. It’s essential to their professional and personal success and the intrinsic role they play in the lives of their students.
What sort of experience do the presenters have?


Meet them here.

What will the presentation be like? ‘Talking head’ delivery with slides or something else entirely?

The in-person presentations are lively, engaging with a hint of humour.

Accompanying the speaking content is highly polished visual content that includes original videos and animations. Like the one here…….. There are breakout sessions and a few interactive blocks too. We offer webinar presentations too. Enquire here….

How will I get my Principal to say yes to this?
Managing classrooms and student behaviour is a significant source of stress reported by teachers. We want to help your teachers to see behind and beyond their students’ behaviour, build meaningful relationships with them leading to the finest outcomes, in, and away from, the classroom.
Can I pick specific topics that are of concern to my community?
Not yet. TeenSeen’s flagship Keynote presentation and online program is called X but later this year other topics will be offered in new presentations. Topics covered will include motivation, communication skills.
Are there information handouts/booklets or worksheet/resource packs?
You will be sent an online Cheat Sheet Handout within 24 hours of the presentation.